Family Guesthouse, Yoga Retreat, Healthy Food and Permaculture Heaven in Canggu Bali

Daniel & Yatna

Born and raised in France, I came to Bali in the early 90’s to broaden my horizon in a place many deemed the last true paradise on earth. There I met my Balinese wife, Yatna, and until today have been together ever since. After having a son, Krishna, and a daughter, Bambou, we felt justified to build a family home. A place that we could truly call ours. Built in 2003, Serenity Eco Guesthouse was finally ready to accommodate our whole family. Initially we only had one villa but we added soon two more so visiting friends and relatives could be easily accommodated. Six years later, in 2009, when the children had grown up and home to them was anywhere BUT home, we decided to open up our house to friendly visitors and travellers. Ever since we have not looked back! A year after turning Serenity Eco Guesthouse into a family guesthouse and since I am myself a yoga teacher, we built the Yoga Shala (Shala meaning place of learning). Directly after we played host to Santosha’s first Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. It was such a success: from one training a year it leaped to now three per year, accommodating groups of about 30 more yogi’s each time. Although we are always busy, we make time to travel together as a family abroad. See a recent picture of us in Thailand, in 2013 (above), coming back from a trip in Myanmar. So now that you know a glimpse of ourselves, come to Serenity Eco Guesthouse, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while sharing your story. We do enjoy meeting new people!

With Serenity
Daniel and Yatna