We are a Family-owned guesthouse, Yoga retreat, Eco-friendly environment in Canggu, Bali

Offering Vegan food from Our Permaculture Haven

Daniel, Fina, Yatna, Baby Serenata & Krishna (plus Bambou,not in photo) - Family and owners of Serenity Eco Guesthouse

Welcome to Serenity Bali Eco Guesthouse & Yoga, a renowned family-owned business situated in the beautiful town of Canggu, Bali. Since our establishment in 2000, we have been at the forefront of sustainable growth, integrating permaculture, yoga, healthy eating, and eco-friendly accommodation into every aspect of our operation. Led by French-born entrepreneur Daniel Chieppa and his Balinese wife Yatna, whom he met on the island, our team has nurtured the growth of Serenity Bali, transforming it into a comprehensive eco-friendly budget yoga resort dedicated to nurturing the mind and body. At Serenity Bali, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional value for our guests. Currently ranked as the #3 best-valued specialty lodging in Canggu, Bali according to TripAdvisor, our Guesthouse continues to receive rave reviews from our satisfied visitors. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices and holistic wellness has also garnered recognition from reputable international news outlets, including The Guardian, Le Petit Fute, and Lonely Planet, further cementing our status as a top destination for conscious travelers.

Experience the most sought-after Bali Yoga package in Indonesia by booking your retreat with Serenity Bali Eco Guesthouse & Yoga, the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Booking.com Traveller Award. Discover the perfect balance between relaxation, rejuvenation, and sustainable living at our eco-friendly oasis in the heart of Bali.



Two decades ago, being eco-friendly was not well known in the world. Furthermore, Canggu was a faraway place from Seminyak and Kuta in Bali which were more widely known to tourists in the early 2000s. Very few people would venture out. Daniel was very keen on changing the mindset of unhealthy eating habits and introduce permaculture in Canggu, Bali. Although Serenity Bali started small when it first opened, the family was dedicated to follow their principles and make Serenity a place where travellers can enjoy yoga, nature, and healthy food. All in one place.



After decades of chemical spraying the rice fields, farmers sold the land cheaply as nothing would grow. We built our family home on low quality soil.

Afterwards, what was once a family house is now one of the most sought after Bali Yoga Retreats in the area. Over the years, the family extended their business to meet the growing demand of yoga travellers and health-conscious people. At present, Serenity Bali houses over 80 beds, 5 yoga studios and has opened new branches on the same street (Jalan Nelayan). It is known as one of Bali's most eco-friendly Guesthouses. Serenity only uses natural insecticides and pesticides and uses soap nuts to wash their dishes. Customers can even take a tour around our permaculture garden and learn about the grey water waste system as well as composting.

The Serenity Eco-Guesthouse & Yoga also offers daily Bali Yoga classes, affordable yoga retreat packages, and multiple yoga teacher trainings throughout the year. Serenity Bali is a smoke and alcohol-free Guesthouse, and an official Vipassana meditation group sitting center that’s held every Monday & Wednesday at 5-6 pm (for old students only). Alkaline Restaurant, located inside Serenity, is 100% vegan with a broad variety of raw dishes. Our philosophy is “may our food be your medicine” and we have many diverse homemade meals, with no MSG or chemical enhancements added. Guests can also enjoy a deep relaxation moment at our in-house spa, which offers different massage styles, various treatments and consultations. Our simple motto is “grow your mind and body, go green, all with Serenity”.

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